Discover How to Get Targeted Traffic To Your Website Even If You’re a [Complete Beginner]

Let me ask you

    • Do you get enough traffic from Google?
    • Are you confused by all the conflicting SEO information out there?
    • Do you want to learn the most effective SEO strategies and tactics?

You are in the right place!

I want to save you from months or even years of frustration.

I can get you ahead of your competition.

 Keep reading and I will show you how.

While there is a ton of SEO advice out there, most of it is the same rehashed information that leaves you clueless.

My SEO and traffic guides have been read by over 200,000 people. 

That's the reason why I decided to put together an actionable course that can help everyone who needs more website traffic.

It's called SEO: From Beginner to Pro.

But first, let me show you how my new course can help you...​

"SEO: From Beginner to Pro" will help you:

Get More Traffic To Your Website

Attract More Customers

Generate More Profits

Here's Exactly What You Will Learn From The Course

The Best SEO Strategies For 2016

You'll learn what is working right now. I'll only share my proven and tested strategies and tactics.

SEO Pro Fundamentals

True SEO professionals know how to squeeze the maximum from their on-page and technical SEO. You'll also learn these smart tactics, which can increase your traffic by 300%.

How To Build A Custom SEO Strategy

Did you know that you need a custom SEO strategy for your business based on your budget, industry and niche? Copying your competitors or following case studies you found online is not the best way. I'll show you how to build your own SEO strategy.

Master Keyword Research

You'll learn how to conduct keyword research like a Pro. I'll walk you through different ways to perform a keyword research using some free tools. Plus, I'll also show you how to do it even faster with premium tools.

Full Competitors Research

You'll learn how to find your competitors and see what their strengths are so that you can rank above them. I'll also show you how to find and leverage their best SEO strategies.

The Most Effective Link Building Tactics

Inside this module, you'll master the most effective link building tactics that are the best fit for your business.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most cost-effective way to get traffic, high Google rankings, more leads and new customers. I'll walk you through the step-by-step process on how to execute the most powerful marketing strategy.

Influencer Marketing - Full Guide

You'll discover how to find and engage with influencers who will help you to amplify the power of your content and will spread the word about your product or service.

Spartan SEO - SEO on a Budget

Small marketing budget? No money at all? I've got you covered. You'll learn my personal tactics to get more traffic on a tight budget. 

About the Author

Hi, I’m Danny Donchev, and I’ve been mastering the art of SEO for the past eleven years.

That’s right. Since 2005 I’ve been perfecting what really works in SEO.

Once I'd worked out how to rank my own websites, I started helping clients from around the world to get traffic from Google as well.

I’ve worked with all sizes of businesses - from small family-run businesses to large  corporations.

But do you know what?

They all had one thing in common. Not enough traffic.

More Targeted Traffic = More Profits

Time and again I’ve implemented my proven strategies and brought them floods of traffic. 

Now it's time to share my knowledge and teach you how to get more traffic, too.

SEO Pro Success Stories

Example #1- Extremely Competitive Entertainment Niche

Watch the video below: This traffic is coming from 300+ different keywords:

You can see the results below: This website gets over 7 million unique visitors every month

Example #2 - Dating Website

 Result: Doubled the traffic in 3 months

Example #3 - U.S SaaS Startup

This is what happened when a piece of content went viral:

You can see the results: From almost no traffic to 3,500 visitors in just one day:

Example #4 - A Small Blog, Low Budget, and Little SEO experience.

Here's what happened after implementing my SEO tactics: 

My SEO techniques work for every size of business and website.

Is This Course Right for You?

SEO: From Beginner to Pro can help almost anyone:


  • Someone who has a website or blog
  • A small business owner who wants more traffic and sales
  • A blogger who wants to improve his SEO skills and get more traffic
  • A business consultant who wants to attract more clients


  • Someone who does not have a website
  • Someone looking to make a quick buck
  • Someone looking for overnight traffic (SEO takes time)
  • Anyone who is not prepared to work hard to implement the strategies  
It doesn't matter if you are a small business owner, a blogger or you run a marketing agency.
This course will help you to generate targeted traffic to your business.​
More Traffic = More Profits
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Inside the course, I’ll show you exactly, step-by-step, how to put in place my proven SEO tactics.

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